Uncover automation opportunities with Process Discovery

The most important question to ask before starting any automation project is, “which processes should you automate and why?”

Nintex Process Discovery is the market-leading tool that can quickly provide the answer by mapping your processes and recommending the best tasks for automation.

Process insights, available at your fingertips
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Gain complete process visibility

Automate with confidence

Automating an inefficient or broken process can be detrimental to your organization. Our Discovery Robots capture and map your users’ activities so you can easily find and automate the most efficient path.

Nintex fast processes

Accelerate your workflow deployment

Automate with speed

Once you have chosen a process to automate, Process Discovery generates fully functional automations that can be swiftly and simply deployed with Nintex Kryon RPA.

Achieve rapid ROI and scalability

Automate for value

Manually calculating the potential ROI of automation is time-consuming and often inaccurate. The Nintex Process Discovery dashboard provides an instant view of your processes with an automation recommendation score for each so you can maximize ROI.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Nintex Kryon Full-Cycle Automation
The Total Economic Impact™ of Nintex Kryon Full-Cycle Automation

See how Nintex Process Discovery reduces automation implementation time by 80% and increases ROI to 352%

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Eliminate time-consuming data collection

Nintex Discovery Robots continuously capture real-world data for you by running unobtrusively on your employees’ computers to collect manual business process data without impairing employee performance or taking up their valuable time. Discovery Robots are configurable to your specifications giving you control over what applications can be accessed, and all the collected data remains securely within your organization.

Decrease process fragmentation with end-to-end visibility

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms generate a fully interactive visual display of the data collected by Discovery Robots including actions, applications, automation steps and variants. These easy-to-read and understand process maps provide all the information you need to empower intelligent automation decisions.

Evaluate before you automate to drive true transformation

Built-in automation recommendation scores based on process repetitions, user volume, time, number of steps, and variants allow you to quickly identify and prioritize the processes best suited for automation and create a reliable roadmap.

eBook: Learn more about how to use Process Discovery to build roadmaps and reduce automation implementation time and costs
As your business evolves, your processes can too

Real-life process execution data at a user-level provides you with an accurate understanding of how your employees go about their day-to-day activities. You will also maximize workforce productivity and enhance corporate procedures by uncovering bottlenecks and hidden capacity.

Case Study: Watch Johnson and Johnson share best practices and recommendations on getting started with Process Discovery
Decrease your time to value with faster automation deployment

Accelerate your RPA implementation by quickly and easily exporting automatically generated automations to Nintex Kryon RPA for fine-tuning, instead of having to create them from scratch.

Learn more about Full-cycle Robotic Automation here
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