Nonprofit senior housing provider National Church Residences and architect Brian Jones faced a tough assignment this past summer. Their task was to transform a dated 1970’s era set of structures while meeting several key objectives set by neighbors and the Worthington community:

  • Increasing the number of homes for seniors in Worthington, meeting a need documented by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and a recent community survey. Too few options exist for seniors who want to continue living in Worthington.
  • Crafting a design rooted in, and reflective of, an historic New England village, blending well into this historic district.
  • Protecting affordable housing and the diversity of this community.
  • Preserving the openness and neighborhood feel.
  • Moving parking on-site, improving the safety of over-parked streets.
  • Creating inviting greenspaces and keeping as many of the mature trees as possible.

Balancing what can be competing priorities presented real challenges to Jones and to National Church Residences. Building a high-quality historically appropriate structure and offering some affordable homes means also adding higher-rent apartments that can help subsidize costs. Pulling parking on-site calls for ground-level garages in the interior portion of the building so that overall interior height reaches three stories.

These balances and trade-offs forged a plan that was again shared with stakeholders and has now earned widespread support from neighbors, community groups, public officials and residents.

While National Church Residences will continue working with our neighbors and community groups throughout this process, the feedback received reassured project leaders that it was time to formally submit plans to the Architectural Review Board – a step expected to be completed in early 2019.

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  • Proposal to the City of Worthington

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